Welcome & About

Wherever you have landed from, welcome here. Blessings upon you, of all sizes, shapes, colors, tones.

I am a poet of Polish-Celtic-Germanic descent from the United States, Chicago to be precise. I am not A Big Literary Celebrity. Nor am I a writer of such hip obscurity that hipsters fawn knowingly over the mere mention of me. I am not even in the know enough to know if hipsters still stride about in all-black clothes and behave all cerebral and ironic and anhedonic any more. I don’t even have any all-black clothes, except maybe some big ass cotton stretch pants from the sale bin.

So, what could an unfamous Midwestern dame in stretch pants possibly have to say? And in free verse at that?

Why, plenty.

Poetry writing is a calling that found me early, as a barely verbal, yet to be literate child. Within an often beset, even literally threatened life, one of multiple, serious chronic illnesses, I pursue it as much as I can.

Admittedly, though, I was too slow on the uptake to fully recognize and genuinely accept it until well into adulthood. Those sonorous words and phrases of mysterious origin that regularly emerged and chanted themselves to me? I did not know they counted and qualified as poetry, let alone my own poetry.

But judging from others’ responses, it is not all just my own personal crazytalk I had best keep entirely to my bad self.

I still have not published a chapbook or full-length collection, but am otherwise fortunate. My poems have appeared individually or in small groups in a number of publications from the US, Ireland, Great Britain, and India. I have read in the US, South Africa, and India. My poetry has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, the Best of the Web Award, Best American Poetry, and Best Spiritual Writing, featured on public transit, and translated into Hindi, Farsi (Persian), and (soon) Odia (the prevalent language of Orissa State, India).

Some kindly listening souls have remarked on the “musicality” of my work. As well as a poet-in-transit-and-translation, I am a musician-in-progress. I studied voice for about three years (I’m a mezzosoprano) with the late Jane Sullivan. I am now learning composition and music theory. I have yet to discover any bright line, or dim one, for that matter, between poetry and song.

Much gratitude to the All-and-All, and everyone else on both sides of the veil, who all together now have brought me safe thus far.


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