Glad to Be Here, Glad to Have You

Today I feel bereft of sparkling repartee. I can blame that, can’t I, on the heavy ground level ozone and 104 degree climate changed Upper Midwestern heat that even the near blue cooling presence of Lake Michigan cannot fully dispel, and which leaks in past the overtaxed air conditioner that nevertheless keeps my chronically ill self out of the hospital.

But what better day to go live with this website? After all, it has been up and running for some days now. It is time to tell people it is here.

In fact, I first registered this site in 2008. But then stuff happened out of the blue. For example, my grandson was born, and with a rare life threatening gut disability that required a series of surgeries and three months in the hospital. Then I was diagnosed with a rare adrenal disorder, a major addition to my already large throng of nontrivial maladies. Fortunately, my grandbaby is now fine. I have adjusted better to my new disorder.

Time to recommit, again, to writing and sharing poetry.

For the supremely far out jazz musician Sun Ra, space was the place. Such is not quite the case for me, although I love the heavens (and I would never tell anyone if I was from Saturn like he said he was). Planet Earth is evidently where I keep on belonging. And this is the place on Earth if you want to read and follow my work as a poet. Glad to be here, glad to have you. Please visit often.



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2 responses to “Glad to Be Here, Glad to Have You

  1. Christina Pacosz

    Mary, I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and poetry on your blog.

  2. marykranederr

    Thanks so much Christina.

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