Some Anthology Appearances

350 Poems (blog collection for 2009 International Day of Climate Action, in concert with “’Global Warming Increases Asthma.’”

Conversing With Mystery, produced by Elizabeth Gray (audio CD, Hospice Poetry Recording Project, 2000): “Coming To.”

Disability Pride Project Art Exhibit, Communities Against Rape and Abuse, Seattle, Washington. 2003: “No One Knew I Was the Sort to Take Notes” (text installation). Originally published in Mouth Magazine, November/December 2003.

Hunger Enough: Living Spiritually in a Consumer Society, ed. Nita Penfold (print anthology, Pudding House, 2004): “Why Should I Care.”

Poets on Adoption, ed. Eileen R. Tabios (online anthology, May 2011): “Bigger and Better Than,” “The Family Cappers,” and “In My Prayers.”

Poets on the Great Recession, ed. Eileen R. Tabios (online anthology, December 2011): “The Night Before Christmas, Single Mother Edition.”

Poets Responding to SB 1070 (Facebook anthology): “Don’t Gotta.”

Poetry Cram: The Ultimate Chicago Poetry Anthology, ed. C.J. Laity (print, Press, 2012): “Room K461.” Originally appeared in The Pharos (Winter 2011).


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